A most notorious prison: Andersonville Prison

“There are deeds, crimes that may be forgiven but this is not among them.” Walt Whitman

Andersonville Prison opened in February 1864 and is now considered, by many to the worst prison camp to operate in the history of the country. Originally constructed to hold Northern inmates captured during the war after the prisoners exchange system collapsed. The prison soon became a place of torture, terror and brutality. 

Picture being taken prisoner during the Civil War and assigned to Andersonville. Incarcerated in a place meant to hold 10,000;  six months after it opened held 30,000+. In addition, you would face hunger, severe illness and violence between your fellow inmates.

Henry Wirz would eventually be tried, found guilty and ordered the be hanged for overseeing the horrific crimes that occurred at the prison. Some believe that he had been used as a scapegoat for other Southerners. The trial took two months and convicted of war crimes and Wirz is sentenced to execution on. November 10, 1865

Andersonville National Historic Site is now a reminder of this time. Visitors can view the memories of POW (Prison of War) at the museum which is located on the grounds. They may also wander through National Cemetery, which holds the remains of past POW and is still receiving veterans for burial.

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