Let It Begin Here

“Let It Begin Here,” an award winning film telling of the struggle to start a nation

The promise of “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. 

Let us picture how our country secured its freedom. When you watch “Let It Begin Here” you begin to realize how these colonists took a huge risk in their fight for Independence. A ragtag group of men who took on the greatest military arm of the time “No food, no ammunition, no friends but spirit.” (John Dickinson, 1776–the musical

You would think that every person in America wanted independence. However, this is not true. As can be seen in the exhibit of two women debating the war. Also listen to the man John Adams said “without him the American Revolution, I believe would not have ever happened.”Of course this gentleman is non-other than Samuel Adams. Known as the Father of the American Revolution, Sam Adams played an important role within the context of this war.

“It is not the question that is actually important, but the fact we even have the right to ask it.”—Samuel Adams, Sons of Liberty ( History Channel Miniseries).  See and hear more of this patriot’s musings as he take on King George III as they put forward their ideas on the conflict and a future if each side should be victorious.

The ultimate score for what Yankee Magazine called “the best new museum in New England” is one of the original tea chest thrown in Boston Harbor that night. DYN the rioters that night cleaned and swept the ship after throwing the tea into the harbor? 

Next time you are in Boston you must visit the Boston Tea Party Ship and Museum. Better yet, do it today and start your adventure along the Freedom Trail.

2 Responses to “Let It Begin Here”

  1. Oh I really want to visit Boston and all the museums there! What an interesting video and write up. Enjoyed a lot. Thanks for sharing!

    • tommcge Says:

      Thank you for taking time to comment. Boston is really an interesting place; very
      fashion. I would highly recommend the Boston Tea Party Ship and Museum, it really is the best!

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